Center for Smart Power Grids

The mission of the Center for Smart Power Grids (SPG) is to advance the knowledge frontiers of decision guidance systems, economic and market models and public policy strategies to bring the nation's power grid to the 21 century. SPG subscribes to the philosophy of exploiting synergistic interactions among diverse disciplines of information technology, mathematics, electrical engineering, economics and public policy. SPG aspires to contribute as a scholarly research institution of excellence, discovery, and invention, and functioning as an active, cutting-edge leader in the effort to raise the nation's power infrastructure to the highest standards necessary for being the backbone of the American economy. SPG seeks opportunities for developing collaborative scientific relations with other centers, as well as with individual scholars dedicated to the advancement of the smart power grid. SPG's focus areas include:

  • recovery from energy supply disruptions to minimize negative economic impact,
  • near-real-time energy market pricing and optimal power consumption scheduling,
  • optimal enhancement of electric grid infrastructure to make it robust against natural and man-induced disasters, and
  • smart grid interoperability.

Many of the over twenty five scientists on our team are world authorities in their areas of expertise, widely published in international scholarly research journals and conferences, authors of books and patents, recipients of the National Science Foundation CAREER and other awards, and chairmen of international symposia. Our team includes experts in decision guidance and optimization, mathematics, information technology, electrical engineering, public policy and a group of experimental economists led by Dr. Vernon Smith, who was awarded the Nobel prize in economics for his contributions to the economic sciences.