Dr. Alex Brodsky,
Director & co-Founder, SPG, GMU

Dr. Daniel Menascé,
Chairman of Advisory Board & co-Founder, SPG; Senior Associate Dean, Volgenau School of IT&Engineering, GMU

SPG affiliates in the Technology area: decision guidance and optimization, statistical learning, IT, and electrical engineering

Computer Science, Volgenau School of IT & Engineering, GMU:

  • Dr. Paul Ammann - grid fault analysis using testing techniques
  • Dr. Daniel Barbará - data mining
  • Dr. Alex Brodsky - decision guidance and optimization, databases
  • Dr. Ken DeJong - evolutionary computation for grid analysis
  • Dr. Carlotta Domeniconì - statistical learning in decision guidance environments
  • Dr. Larry Kerschberg - data interoperability, integration, architectures
  • Dr. Jessica Lin - time sequences, decision guidance with time series
  • Dr. Sean Luke - simulation and evolutionary computation
  • Dr. Daniel Menascé - QoS, scalability, performance evaluation
  • Dr. Ami Motro - data interoperability, integration
  • Dr. Robert Simon – sensor networks for power grids
  • Dr. João Sousa - market mechanisms for ubiquitous environments, architectures

Computer Science, University of Vermont:

  • Dr. X. Sean Wang, databases, decision guidance, time series

Systems Engineering and Operations Research, Volgenau School of IT & Engineering, GMU:

  • Dr. Roman Polyak - NLP, market equilibrium problems for power pricing
  • Dr. Karla Hoffman - combinatorial optimization/auction algorithms for power pricing/prioritization
  • Dr. C.H. Chen - stochastic discrete simulation
  • Dr. K.C. Chang - Bayesian networks and artificial neural networks technologies
  • Dr. Yifan Liu - OR modeling of power grid

Mathematical Sciences, School of Science, GMU:

  • Dr. Igor Griva - NLP; electric grid optimization

Electrical and Computer Engineering, Volgenau School of IT & Engineering, GMU:

  • Dr. Janos Gertler – fault detection and diagnosis, control systems

SPG affiliates in the area of Experimental Economics and Public Policy

Economic Science Institute, Chapman University:

  • Dr. Vernon Smith - a founder of experimental economics, Nobel prize in economic sciences, 2002
  • Dr. Stephen Rassenti - experimental economics, market design

Department of Economics, GMU:

  • Dr. Dan Hauser - Experimental Statistics and Methods

School of Public Policy, GMU:

  • Dr. Laurie Schintler
  • Mr. Rajendra Kulkarni